Cafe&diningレストラン Chelse7 (チェルシーセブン)
Cafe&diningレストラン Chelse7 (チェルシーセブン)

Access: Hankyu Kawaramachi Station immediately, proceeds from Exit 2 of the Kawaramachi street in Sanjo direction, is about 20m and turn right to Takoyakushi Street.


【All you can eat】 Girls' Association ♪ 77 items with cheese fondue 2 hours a day drinking all course 2,500 yen / weekend 3200 yen

【All you can eat】 Girls' Association ♪ 77 items with cheese fondue 2 hours a day drinking all course 2,500 yen / weekend 3200 yen

By using a coupon2700 yen

Friday, Sunday and public holiday will be available at 3200 yen.

Reservation on the day OK !! We are also accepting reservations with immediate reservations ♪ All you can eat with cheese fondue with the best cheese fondue !! Eat various kinds of cheese fondue and eat a variety of things indispensable this time All you can do is enjoy! !! Still other plus you can also enjoy the 50 kinds of meals and balm menu Plan here! Please enjoy!


- Course content -

【7 special cheese fondue】

(Shrimp, scallops, bacon, chorizo, bucket, colorful vegetables)

~ All you can eat 50 items ~

Anchovy potato salad · Mentaiko potato salad · 7 vegetables quiche · prawns of shrimp and cheese

Octopus and yam Pinchos · Taco Garcia · Shrimp Caesar Crossini · Garlic Toast

Edamame · Chanja · Terrible · Bali Horse Cabbage · Tomato Slice · Plum Meat Cucumber · Chinese cabbage Kimchi

Salmon carpaccio · octopus carpaccio · scallop carpaccio · fried potato

Yam yeast frit Genovese sauce · Shrimp fried chilli sauce · octopus herbs · fried chicken · fried egg

Deep-fried chicken wings · Onion rings · Buffalo chicken · Camembert rice · Bucket

Seafood salad · Warm ball Caesar salad · Oil sardine · Broiled salmon ponzu

Grilled yams with anchovy butter · Kimchi · Deep-fried cartilage · Garlic Ebisen

Pizza Margherita · Flavored meat and herbs pizza · bacon tomato pizza · peperoncino

Tomato Arabian - Ta · Salt-grilled pasta sauce baked pasta · Japanese style cheese mushroom risotto · white rice

Petit roll cake · strawberry ice · vanilla ice · rare cheese cake · tiramisu

※ Leaving meal, leaving drinking fee will be charged separately / LO orders will be one person per person (including dessert) / drinks will be replaced with a glass / Hood LO 50 minutes ago · drink LO 30 minutes ago /

Coupon that can be used

  • ◆ Weekend Fee 0 yen Service Coupon ※ All courses are available ◆ Friday, Saturday and Sunday ◆ Possible ♪

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      At the time of booking and the time of order
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      It can not be used with other tickets / services / more than 2 people / limited to November.

    • Expiration date
      November 01, 2017 - November 30, 2017